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SpendHub Innovates Away from Subscription-Based to Free Software to Support Recovering Businesses

By ET Bureau - July 22, 2020 2 Mins Read

SpendHub is the flagship app of Hub-Suite, a software technology company offering five free cutting edge tools to help companies thrive and compete effectively.

SpendHub is a budgeting and credit card management platform built for companies to easily control and manage their expenditures by

  • creating departmental/team budgets
  • setting and tracking employee spending limits
  • issuing customized physical and virtual corporate cards.

With SpendHub, company managers can realize unprecedented controls and features to promote full transparency and remove budget and employee spending surprises. Reviewing and approving purchase transactions happens in real-time with SpendHub’s fully automated system. Wasteful, unauthorized spending and manual overhead costs of audits and report preparation are effectively eliminated. “I was hesitant to give up my points and miles earned using traditional credit cards, but once I realized how much money I could save using SpendHub, the switch was a no-brainer, ” says Tyler Davis, founder CEO of the construction management firm, Porter Consulting. “We average $500,000 on company credit card spend per year. With SpendHub, we’ve seen a reduction of waste and unnecessary spend of 5% or more.”

With SpendHub’s mobile app, employees can view their budget and manage their spending directly. An employee simply tags which team and category the expense applies to, add notes, uploads an image of the receipt and submits. The transaction is automatically stored and can be retrieved when needed. SpendHub also provides built-in flexibility for those times when an employee needs to spend over budget. An employee can send a spending request and the team manager will be instantly notified. The manager can then approve or decline the request in – literally – just a few seconds.

Hub-Suite is excited to be able to offer companies SpendHub and its suite of digital tools for free, especially as businesses are struggling to recover and prosper. SpendHub revenue is captured as a percentage of each card transaction made and does not rely on charging individual companies a software subscription fee for its revenue source. As a SpendHub client, companies can enjoy four additional free Hub-Suite products: ConnectHub for video-conferencing; TrainingHub for 24/7 digital training; RecruitHub for video interviewing; and AdHub for interactive video-making. White labelling and customization is also available with any of these products.


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