SparkBeyond Partners with DemystData to Provide Contextual Data for Smarter Decision-Making

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SparkBeyond Partners with DemystData to Provide Contextual Data for Smarter Decision-Making

SparkBeyond, the AI-powered problem-solving platform leveraging the world’s largest library of code to discover trends and actionable insights buried in data, announced a partnership with DemystData, a leading external Data-as-a-Service platform that helps clients discover, access and test hundreds of data products. The partnership will enable DemystData to integrate its growing repository of over 500 data products with SparkBeyond’s AI-driven problem-solving – empowering clients of both companies with deeper, faster and more impactful results.

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By breaking down third-party data barriers and leveraging SparkBeyond’s proven technology, this exciting partnership equips data-driven organizations to achieve new outcomes that can drive impact, as rich and relevant external data are available directly within the SparkBeyond platform. These organizations will be able to evaluate broader and unbiased business questions, usually limited by the inherent human inability to work outside their knowledge domain, to understand key drivers and root causes governing their KPIs.

“The combination of SparkBeyond’s incredible AI-powered problem-solving platform combined with Demyst’s massive and constantly growing collection of external data products will allow data-driven organizations to discover the most predictive attributes and ultimately harness an order of magnitude: more data, ” said Mark Hookey, CEO of DemystData.

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SparkBeyond’s platform embeds machine learning into decision support systems and is a crucial tool within the data science value chain. It’s AI technology bypasses the human bias in problem-solving and generates millions of hypotheses per minute. These hypotheses capture changes in the dynamic business environment, and are infused with unique insights gleaned from SparkBeyond’s rich network of external data sources – which now includes DemystData. Not only are such actionable insights transparent and explainable, but its speed and the reduced time to value allows more problems to be answered with AI-powered ideation.

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