S&P Global Market Intelligence launches Textual Data Analytics through Xpressfeed™

S&P Global Market Intelligence,Textual Data Analytics , Xpressfeed™

S&P Global Market Intelligence announced the launch of Textual Data Analytics (TDA), a sophisticated new data offering that applies Natural Language Processing to generate sentiment scores and behavioral metrics based on company transcripts.

TDA makes it possible for businesses and investors to incorporate more qualitative measures of company performance into their investment strategy by quantifying sentiment and behavior during company calls. This new alternative data set complements the already existing coverage machine-readable transcripts, through Xpressfeed.

S&P Global Market Intelligence which offers a market-leading coverage of corporate transcripts sourced from earnings calls, M&A calls and industry conferences for over 9,500 companies globally, has recently signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Scripts Asia to further extend its coverage through the addition of transcripts of Japanese earnings calls.

Warren Breakstone, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of Data Management Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence, said: “Clients are increasingly interested in applying natural language processing to unstructured text to uncover new insights that can help them make informed business and investment decisions. Our textual data analytics package of 40 behavioral and sentiment scores will further enrich our existing transcripts coverage while offering clients a new alternative data set via our Xpressfeed delivery channel.”