Sony Announces Plans for the Next Generation of NUCLeUS, the Smart Imaging Platform for Hospitals

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Sony plans to release a new, more user-friendly workflow version of its modality-neutral NUCLeUS™ medical imaging platform, pending FDA 510(k) clearance. The next generation platform is intended to offer hospitals a streamlined digital imaging workflow and create valuable efficiency improvements, in addition to supporting 4K resolution. It is also designed to easily route and deliver key information, such as video, audio and other pertinent clinical data, wherever and whenever it is needed across the hospital campus.

With simple and secure access from anywhere over a hospital’s IP network, professionals will be able to capture and manage video and audio content in near real-time for centralized storage and access through NUCLeUS, offering new workflows and operational efficiencies.

NUCLeUS will offer hospitals a host of revolutionary benefits, from enhanced training and education tools to cost-effective networked medical image content management. It is designed to streamline the workflow in operating rooms and laboratory facilities by providing fast access to relevant imaging data via an easy-to-use central dashboard. It is also intended to provide users with a virtually real-time transmission function to help clinicians and management teams make more informed decisions.

“At Sony, we are experts in 4K and IP technology in the broadcast and production realm, and it is a natural evolution for these technologies to provide the same benefits and efficiencies to the healthcare space,” said Theresa Alesso, pro division president, Sony Electronics. “With the next generation of the NUCLeUS platform, Sony will offer a modality-neutral, digital solution that will efficiently address the demands of O.R. managers and integrators. As connected devices gain a foothold in hospitals, clinicians will gain new capabilities to centrally collect, store and distribute medical imaging files across a hospital network, enabling more effective and informed patient care.”

Working off a flexible, software-based environment, NUCLeUS showcases Sony’s continued investment in the healthcare industry with this introduction of a new NUCLeUS smart application designed to utilize existing hospital network infrastructures.

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