Solar Energy World Expands to Service Growing Consumer Demand

Solar Energy World, Consumer Demand

Due to favorable changes in energy policy in Florida, Solar Energy World has opened an office in Tampa and will begin servicing homeowners there this month. The company also expects to hire more employees in the area as the business ramps up.

Solar Energy World, a regional solar system design and installation company headquartered in Elkridge Maryland, has been serving homeowners in Maryland and Washington DC metro area since 2009. In 2016 the company expanded to Pennsylvania and in 2017 opened a new facility in Pennsauken New Jersey. Solar Energy World began serving Northern Virginia earlier this year. Florida is the newest addition to areas served.

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Presently the Sunshine State ranks 3rd in the United States for solar potential, but only 14th in terms of rooftop solar installed mainly because the big utilities and the state’s government was not friendly toward the solar industry. Many Floridians have been very interested in going solar for years but have held back due to the perception that a personal solar power system would not be affordable. All of that is changing due to some recent state policy updates that have made going solar more attractive for homeowners in the area. In April of this year, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) issued a declaratory statement that a fixed 20-year lease is now a legally allowable contract – and the person who leases is legally allowed to make use of net metering.

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“This is a huge improvement for solar accessibility in the state because now homeowners who don’t wish to pay cash or take out a loan to own a solar system can go solar for $0 down, pay nothing for solar panels and installation, to lock in a lower rate than utility with our PPA.” states Brent Cotton, Vice President of Sales for the Florida Office. “We are really looking forward to helping more homeowners run their homes on Florida’s abundant sunshine.”

Solar Energy World will offer homeowners in the Tampa Bay area a choice between its exclusive $0 Down RateGuardian™ PPA/Lease (Power Purchase Agreement) which typically saves homeowners 20-30% on electricity costs, and a solar loan if they prefer to purchase a system. Homeowners who purchase their systems can save up to 100% on electricity costs and earn profits from the excess energy their panels produce because net metering is now legal in Florida. Either way, homeowners are guaranteed to save money on energy costs.

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