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Sogou Launches AI-powered Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0, Opening a New Era of Multimodal Cognition Capacity

By ET Bureau - January 03, 2020 2 Mins Read

Sogou Launches AI-powered Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0, Opening a New Era of Multimodal Cognition Capacity

Sogou Inc., an innovator in search and a leader in China’s internet industry, has introduced Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0, the next generation of Sogou’s AI-powered simultaneous interpretation solution (“solution”). The latest upgrade significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of machine translation by integrating computer vision capacity and AI self-learning capacity that instantly captures and understands multimodal information presented by the speaker.

Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0 is the first of its kind that can “see” and “think” in real-time during the interpretation process. Sogou applies leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that enable the solution to see and process images on presentation slides, further interpreting the underlying information. To “think” while interpreting, the solution utilizes Sogou’s proprietary “Context Engine,” Knowledge Graph technology, and online encyclopedia Sogou Baike to generate contextual knowledge and collect extensive background information that in real-time comprehends the speaker’s message accurately.

Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0 analyzes sensory inputs from different modalities including vision, audio, and text, improving the recognition accuracy of slides-based content by 21.7% and lifting translation accuracy by 40.3%. The advancement, which marks another stride forward in the field of AI simultaneous interpretation, is powered by Sogou’s multimodal cognition capacity. Moreover, the solution builds a comprehensive knowledge database utilizing each presentation, thereby helping speakers with different expertise to explain specialized information more precisely.

AI-powered simultaneous machine interpretation has been a critical component of Sogou’s use of AI technology to assist cross-language communications. At the 2016 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Sogou launched the first generation of Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation, the world’s first commercially applied machine translation solution. In 2018, Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation 2.0 was launched by enriching customization capabilities.

Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0 recently made its debut at the GeekPark IF X conference in Beijing in December. Sogou’s AI interpretation technology has supported hundreds of domestic and international events, including the World Internet Conference, 2018 China Open Tennis Championship, and 2018 RISE Hong Kong Summit. With the latest breakthrough in multimodal cognition technology, Sogou looks to provide accurate and smooth interpretation services in more scenarios including conferences, video translation, and live broadcasts.


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