Software Modernization to Develop Business Agility and Future Preparedness – Predicts Damco with their 2020 Legacy Modernization Success Stories

Software Modernization to Develop

Damco Solutions Inc., a technology solutions and IT services company, has published a report on Software Modernization to help organizations and peer technology players measuring modernization initiatives.

Exploring Top Software Modernization Stories Of 2020” – the annual report on software modernization, elaborates why the market made room only for modernized businesses, how efficient software turned the needle for its clients, and which technologies they predict to bolster businesses for 2021 and beyond.

The report spotlights on the success their clients achieved through the adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Analytics, or Cloud to uplift user experience, unlock new levels of efficiency, automate operations, and enable mobility – bracing up business through modernization against a precarious market.

“What businesses invested in 2020 will define their recovery in 2021,” said Mohit Gupta, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Damco Solutions. “These success stories benchmarked our capacity as a technology partner and reaffirmed our belief in modernization-led recovery from COVID-19. Through application modernization, we were able to open new opportunities for business and efficiency in the times when they were needed the most.”

The report introduces seven of their success stories where modernization-led transformation offered the clients a way to create new stakeholder value, reinvent business processes, tap new expertise, and expand efficiencies.

  1. AI-powered process evolution of a leading insurance adjusting firm through automated damage assessment in Property & Casualty claims
  2. Blockchain-based transformation of an engineering firm that streamlined corporate planning and shareholder participation
  3. Enabling a vantage view of performance and credit reporting in a holding company through a modern business management platform
  4. Modernization of legacy software of a manufacturing software solution provider into a lean SaaS application
  5. App modernization and migration of an on-prem SharePoint farm of a manufacturing and supplier firm to Microsoft Azure
  6. UX modernization of a fashion retail eCommerce platform for attracting a new customer base
  7. Automation of operations and fleet management of a warehouse management company

Providing experience backed-insights on how organizations can spring in 2021, the report identifies top drivers of modernization and nudges organizations to strategize for new game-changers on the block – Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud, Integrated Automation, Anywhere Operations, Cybersecurity, and Total Experience.

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“We have seen some great successes through modernization in the past year. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy, and it is never an overnight transformation. Yet, there are several non-disruptive ways to integrate aging applications with new technologies,” remarks Mohit.

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