Snipitz US Leadership Team Announcement

Snipitz US Leadership Team Announced for Rapid Application Development and Product Expansion

Snipitz US Leadership Team Announced for Rapid Application Development and Product Expansion

On the heels of last week’s announcement of Denny Darmo expanding his role  from Founder to President of Snipitz™, Mr. Darmo is proving to be a dynamic leader to follow in the tech space by building a team of experts around him who are as skilled as they are diverse.

“My goal is that by the end of 2021, everyone and anyone who has a need to broadcast live content understands that we are the leader in providing a truly unique viewing experience through our platform. To accomplish this goal of exposure, I sought out incredible individuals with not only the knowledge, but a passion for technology that allows users freedom of choice.”

Freedom of choice is a running theme at Snipitz as the company staunchly stands for the right of the user to control and own their own content. At first glance, one might think that Snipitz is ‘just another video platform’ – do not be fooled. The genius of Snipitz is its  Content Delivery Interface (CDI), which allows any venue or event to broadcast multiple camera streams at the same time for users to toggle between.

As the viewer navigates between camera perspectives, they are able to interact with others watching the same stream, create short form video ‘SNIPz’ to share, and more actions that are currently being used in beta.

Mr. Darmo comments, “We are the Breakfast Club of leadership, having unique experiences to contribute to our success. Amanda Prochaska, Director of Operations, has incredible corporate leadership and organization credentials. Rick Taylor, Director of Finance, comes from 25 years of government service and knowing how large organizations can be successfully navigated.

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Deb Colitas, Director of Marketing and Communications, thrives off of an entrepreneurial background pushing limits on ‘how things have always been done’ in bringing a product message together.”

Amanda Prochaska, is quick to chime in, “I am beyond excited to be a part of a company who is able to bring the right technology to the marketplace at the right time. After over 12 months of COVID shutdown, the marketplace is ripe for continued streaming options that bring more value to the content creator and the consumer.”

Rick Taylor, having retired from the U.S. Marshals Service this year, jumped at the chance to be a part of the Snipitz team. “After years of public service, being presented with the opportunity to join Snipitz has proved to be the perfect application of my talents to drive how a company must have a strong foundation. Snipitz is going to have a massive impact in how viewers choose to stream live content moving forward and we must get it right the first time.”

Deb Colitas values the responsibility and work ahead for the leadership team to launch Snipitz properly. “Video and social media platforms before us pioneered what we have today. Through the launch of Snipitz and our CDI, there is an entirely new opportunity to bring the next generation of user engagement into the marketplace. It is an exciting moment!”

Meeting in Dallas together three months ago, Mr. Darmo’s excitement of all to come was palpable. “There is so much in beta and development, we are just getting started. We are thankful and blessed to know what we have and where we are going with Snipitz.”

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