Sisense and UiPath Unleash Analytics With RPA to Accelerate Digital Transformation Through Automation

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Sisense and UiPath Unleash Analytics With RPA to Accelerate Digital Transformation Through Automation

Sisense, the world’s leading analytics platform for builders, and UiPath, the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, announced a partnership to leverage Sisense’s technology platform to deliver advanced business analytics capabilities to UiPath’s industry-leading RPA software platform. The two companies are the leaders in their respective categories and this partnership brings unparalleled process analytics capabilities to companies everywhere. The integration of Sisense’s AI-powered analytics to the UiPath platform takes UiPath’s customers’ automation strategy to the next level. It allows them to measure the true impact of RPA on their organization and leverage the actionability of advanced analytics to align with strategic business outcomes. Together, analytics and RPA are an unparalleled force to accelerate automation and drive digital transformation.

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With this partnership, companies of all sizes can now take advantage of two significant shifts in the business technology landscape: the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the unprecedented growth of RPA. With the spotlight now on RPA as a strategic priority comes increased expectations about quantitatively measuring and validating its business impact.

“The promise of what Gartner has coined ‘hyper-automation’ can only be fulfilled with a robust analytics platform that can handle today’s explosion of complex data,” said Daniel Dines, co-founder, and CEO of UiPath. “By combining our leading RPA platform with the full range of Sisense’s analytics capabilities, companies can now fully unlock the opportunities of enterprise-grade automation and worker productivity and creativity while embracing the digital transformation process. We couldn’t be happier to be partners with Sisense to embrace and drive this wave of digital transformation for the most strategic companies.”

Aligning Business Outcomes with RPA Operations Using UiPath Insights

The result of this partnership is UiPath Insights, a new, business analytics solution built on the Sisense platform for UiPath users across the entire organization. It can measure, report, and align RPA operations with strategic business outcomes. And it allows business process owners to define, track, measure and share process KPIs that measure the value and impact of a company’s overall automation strategy. Users can easily share dashboards across the company, monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter, get push notifications of critical events, and optimize their deployment by using UiPath’s embedded machine learning (ML) to forecast future states and milestones.

Fueling a key component of the UiPath Insights engine is Sisense, the leading business intelligence and analytics platform for builders that simplifies complex data and delivers insights to everyone, unleashing user creativity and engagement in today’s 100% cloud-agnostic business environment. The company delivers a unified platform that is uniquely positioned to empower the world’s most advanced business, data, and product teams to drive digital transformation in their companies, leveraging the data as the foundation for future innovation and growth.

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“The proliferation of complex data is continuing at a stunning rate and with RPA and automation, and we’re now looking at orders of magnitude increases in the amount of data that organizations will create, must understand, and quickly act upon,” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense. “UiPath’s dominance in the RPA space under Daniel’s leadership is truly unheard of. The opportunity to partner with Daniel and his team to bring our powerful analytics platform to their market-leading RPA is something that I’m deeply proud of. And I believe that, together, we’ll be the accelerants that truly make digital transformation a reality for organizations everywhere.”

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