Siemon Expands Category 6A Ruggedized Offering with High-Resistance TPE Jacketing

Siemon Expands Category 6A Ruggedized Offering with High-Resistance TPE Jacketing

Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, today announced that it has expanded its line of Ruggedized Infrastructure Solutions with new Category 6A shielded cable assemblies that feature thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacketing with superior resistance to moisture, sunlight, temperature, abrasion, and oil and chemicals while offering enhanced flexibility.

With rapid growth of IoT and IIoT and more devices than ever connected to and communicating over Ethernet-based networks, the demand for connecting devices in harsher environments outside of the commercial office environment is at an all-time high. When connecting outdoor surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi access points, point-of-sale machines or any device in harsh environments like laboratories, cafeterias, medical facilities and transportation terminals, network reliability requires components capable of withstanding more severe conditions. Siemon’s new Ruggedized Category 6A shielded TPE assemblies combine Siemon’s reliable high-speed performance of Category 6A shielded cabling with the superior resistance of TPE to support these applications and more.

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Ruggedized Category 6A shielded TPE assemblies offer a wider operating temperature range of -40°C (-40°F) to 75°C (167°F), excellent resistance to moisture, sunlight, abrasion, weld spatter, oils and chemicals, while offering greater flexibility to maintain reliability even at low temperatures. They feature Siemon’s patented Ruggedized Z-MAX connectivity with quarter-turn bayonet-style mating that provides an IP66/IP67-rated seal to protect plug and outlet contacts and patented PowerGUARD technology that prevents plug and jack contact erosion due to arching at the mated location when a plug is unmated under Power over Ethernet (PoE) load conditions.

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“In recent years, we’ve seen more customers needing to connect devices in harsher environments that are not well suited to standard CM jacketing used in the commercial office space,” says Janet Thomas, product manager for Siemon. “At the same time, applications like high-throughput Wi-Fi that has become prevalent in outdoor spaces require Category 6A performance. Many outdoor-connected devices are also powered by PoE or located in areas subject to electromagnetic interference such as hospitals. With superior heat dissipation and noise immunity, Ruggedized Category 6A shielded TPE assemblies offer an ideal solution for all of these challenges.”

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