Shift3 Technologies Expands into Phoenix, Bringing New Custom Software Option to The Fastest Growing City in the Country

Shift3 Technologies Expands into Phoenix_ Bringing New Custom Software Option to The Fastest Growing City in the Country

Shift3 Technologies (Shift3), a developer of custom enterprise software, expands to the Phoenix area to directly serve the rapidly-growing tech market with custom mobile & web app, website development and Salesforce integration. Phoenix is the fastest-growing city in the country, the sixth largest city in the U.S. and with a startup-friendly environment, it’s an ideal location for Shift3.

“Shift3’s Phoenix team has been members of the region’s vibrant startup community for years, and now they have the opportunity to accelerate the momentum of the region’s tech scene,” Irma Olguin Jr., CEO, Shift3 Technologies. “We chose Phoenix as Shift3’s next outpost because entrepreneurs here exemplify many of the traits that we know make for successful businesses—grit, creativity and the knowledge that good ideas can come from anywhere.”

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“When I was looking for a partner to develop software for my flagship product, I wanted someone that could translate my vision into a digital solution, but also shared my passion for using technology to improve the community,” said Rebecca Romanucci, Founder and CEO, DynoSafe. “Shift3 has a deep commitment to employing a representative workforce and Irma represents the kind of founder I want to support. Working with Shift3 has been a turning point for my business and their presence in the region will create opportunities for diverse tech talent.”

“Shift3 is built around the idea that innovation doesn’t come exclusively from one type of person,” said Kalani Fo, Phoenix-based Business Development Manager, Shift3 Technologies. “The Phoenix business community believes this as well and it’s one of the key drivers in its success. We look forward to contributing to this incredible tech ecosystem.”