SharkNinja Sues iRobot for Judgment that it does not Infringe iRobot Patents

SharkNinja, iRobot

SharkNinja Operating LLC (SharkNinja), an innovation leader in the consumer floorcare industry and creator of the Shark IQ Robot™ vacuum cleaner, filed a complaint last week against iRobot Corporation (iRobot) in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware seeking a ruling from the court that the Shark IQ Robot does not infringe certain iRobot patents directed to robotic vacuum cleaners. SharkNinja filed this lawsuit in response to a threatening letter from iRobot wrongly accusing SharkNinja of infringing these patents. SharkNinja takes intellectual property very seriously and takes active steps to avoid violations of any intellectual property.

In response to SharkNinja’s lawsuit, yesterday iRobot filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts alleging infringement of some of the patents identified in SharkNinja’s original Delaware lawsuit. iRobot also filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction. iRobot’s lawsuit is their latest attempt to dominate the robot vacuum cleaner market through litigation and deny consumers the choice of robotic vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. SharkNinja filed its lawsuit first in order to quickly clear its name and put an immediate stop to iRobot’s threats.