Shanghai HiCore Tech Announced Partnership With MIT on Anti-Fraud AI Lab

Shanghai HiCore Tech, MIT, anti-fraud AI lab
Shanghai HiCore Tech announced partnership with MIT on anti-fraud AI lab

Shanghai HiCore Tech, an online fraud-detection company, will cooperate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to establish an artificial intelligence (AI) lab in an attempt to keep track of fraudulent financial deals.

The agreement, recently signed by the two sides, signals a major breakthrough for the application of AI in the anti-fraud industry.

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“We hope to apply the world’s most advanced algorithms to the industry and serve the financial sector well,” said Xu Yunbo, the technological superintendent of HiCore Tech.

HiCore Tech hopes the joint-initiative will allow them to develop more profound algorithms in cooperation with MIT’sglobally renowned scholars and professors. “We can complement each other,” Xu said.

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The two sides hope to develop cutting-edge anti-fraud technologies by creating specialized unsupervised machine learning. So far, the domestic financial-tech sector has been slow to adopt unsupervised machine learning due to the extensive data collection required by its meticulous algorithms.

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HiCore Tech already enjoys strategic partnerships with China UnionPay, China Railway and China Civil Aviation. The company has also provided anti-fraud services to over 2,000 financial institutions, covering banking, consumer finance, loans, and internet finance.

“We’ll work with our strategic partners and endeavor to safeguard social credibility and financial security across the country,” Xu said.

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