Sesame Software Announces High-Volume Data Connectors for Oracle Fusion Applications

Sesame Software Announces High-Volume Data Connectors for Oracle Fusion Applications

Sesame Software Expands Endpoints to Include Oracle Fusion Applications, Providing Customers with Seamless Data Integration and Instant Data Warehousing for Oracle Fusion

Sesame Software, a leading provider of data management solutions and a strategic partner of Oracle, announced today that it extends its support to cover Oracle Fusion Applications. Sesame Software’s Relational Junction solution suite enables Oracle customers to rapidly replicate and integrate Cloud data with Oracle Fusion software, all into one fully automated data warehouse for robust reporting and analytics.

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Sesame Software’s Relational Junction high-volume data connectors for Oracle Fusion Applications streamline integration processes to ensure data consistency, enhanced performance, and rapid insights. Using patented scalability and multithreaded technology, Relational Junction’s Data Warehouse Builder enables you to create an on-premise or Cloud data warehouse in just minutes that links all of your disparate applications and databases to one trusted source. Unlike marketplace competitors, Relational Junction eliminates lengthy warehouse build projects and the need to hire third party consultants- saving you significant time and money.

Sesame Software continues to support Oracle customers in moving their data workloads with ease, enabling them to accelerate project timelines. For example, CalAmp had an immediate need for an integration solution to pull their Salesforce and Fusion ERP data into their SQL Server on Oracle Cloud, to be used in conjunction with CalAmp’s BI tool for reporting and analytics.

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With just a few simple steps, the CalAmp team was able to install Relational Junction through Oracle Marketplace, quickly build their instant data warehouse, replicate their Salesforce and Fusion ERP data, and integrate with SQL Server on Oracle Cloud.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for Sesame Software’s solution, Relational Junction. Until now, we have been struggling to replicate Oracle Fusion ERP data into our Data Warehouse server. With help from the Sesame team, we were able to install the RJ Warehouse application through Oracle Marketplace. The Sesame team was able to help us install and configure this application in less than an hour. Thank you, Sesame and Oracle, for helping us achieve our goal.” –Hamid Rezaie, Sr. Director, Information Technology, CalAmp

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