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Sequoia Improves Organizational Planning with ChartHop Partnership

By ET Bureau - February 18, 2021 2 Mins Read

Sequoia Improves Organizational Planning with ChartHop Partnership

Sequoia Consulting Group™, a tech-enabled consulting and services company today announced the integration of ChartHop, the world’s first organizational management platform built to help companies plan for the future, with the Sequoia People Platform™. This integration initially will be included as part of Sequoia One’s PEO offering.

High-growth companies and distributed workforces need a simple way to make strategic organizational planning decisions. With ChartHop, Sequoia One clients with guidance from their dedicated HR business partners will be able to analyze visually rich, real-time people insights in one place and provide tailored guidance to help leaders make informed decisions from headcount and compensation planning to org design and DEI strategy & reporting.

“Even Financial is a fast growing company led by professionals that need data and analytics at their fingertips in order to make informed business and people decisions,” said Kyle Roberts, Chief People Officer for Even.

“The integration of Sequoia’s People Platform with ChartHop enables effective strategic workforce planning that directly translates into value for our shareholders.”

ChartHop integrates with the Sequoia People Platform, providing HR and business leaders a way to visualize the critical information they need to know about their team on one platform. ChartHop integrates with a number of existing HR tools to capture and centralize people data, providing the ability to:

  • Visualize organizational headcount, compensation, gender & ethnicity breakdown, location, performance ratings, and other people data
  • Plan for open roles, propose promotions, and restructure teams, all on one platform
  • Analyze trends to understand the organization’s evolution over time or drill down into specific data to forecast future headcount, plan team structures, and compensation plans

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“In today’s increasingly distributed environment, our clients need simple, flexible, and powerful solutions to access their people data in one place,” said Greg Golub, CEO of Sequoia. “Our partnership with ChartHop provides even greater visibility into the insights and the data leaders need to understand their people data and make critical business decisions.”

“To plan for the future, orgs first need to know where they stand” said Ian White, CEO of ChartHop. “This new partnership will provide Sequoia clients with the context, tools, and strategies they need to align their people plans to virtually any future business outcome.”


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