Semantix, Latin American Analytics Leader, Chooses OmniSci To Bring Accelerated Visualization to Its Offerings

Semantix_ Latin American Analytics Leader_ Chooses OmniSci To Bring Accelerated Visualization to Its Offerings

One-Stop Provider of Big Data, Analytics and AI Solutions Sees Major Enhancements For Clients in Multiple Industries, Using OmniSci to Deliver Geospatial Insights at the Speed of Curiosity.

Semantix, a provider of solutions in big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, is expanding its portfolio product and solutions, bringing OmniSci to Latin America. With the integration product with OmniSci, the company will offer its customers a complementary solution with the power of parallel processing of world-class performance in data processing and visualization.

Headquartered in Brazil, Semantix is recognized as a leader in segment products and solutions with offers for all sizes of corporations. The company is a complete supplier, incorporating proprietary products and solutions, one-stop-shop platform, and more. It also develops business performance solutions for companies in specific sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, industry, retail, and healthcare.

“The OmniSci-Semantix alliance brings to the market a solution with a database on GPUs and the ability to interact with data, creating graphs, AI queries and visualizations, all in real-time. An amazing and disruptive offering,” stated Leonardo Santos, CEO and co-founder of Semantix.

OmniSci, the world’s fastest open-core analytics database solution, uniquely harnesses the massive parallel processing capabilities of modern CPU and GPU hardware. Comprising a lightning-fast SQL engine, rendering engine and visualization system, OmniSci allows users to combine, filter, plot and examine multiple, complete datasets at the speed of curiosity.

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“Semantix offers customer specific solutions to address problems that are heavily dependent on data and data insights to better perform, such as telecommunications, finance, health, pharmaceuticals, retail and supply chain,” noted Joe Lee, VP of Global Sales for OmniSci. “Its addition of OmniSci will allow its customers in these and other verticals to make the most assertive decisions for their businesses by improving their location intelligence workflows, even when billions of records are involved.”

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