Scalyr Announces Industry’s First Event Data Cloud

Scalyr announced the industry’s first Event Data Cloud, a solution built and optimized to be the analytics engine embedded into other cloud services and custom applications.

Scalyr now provides two ways to tap its analytics service: through Scalyr’s own user interface, designed for log analytics and incident management, or by leveraging Scalyr’s APIs to power other UIs and services that need to access and analyze event data at scale. Both solutions are powered by Scalyr’s cloud native, no-index architecture that thrives on messy data and chaos at scale.

“The event data cloud represents an important and missing category in the technology landscape,” said Jason Pressman of Shasta Ventures.

“I’ve been a customer of Scalyr’s at two different companies and helped to shape the vision of the Event Data Cloud,” said Eric Bowman, SVP of Engineering at TomTom. “Event data is critical to all cloud services and a single source of truth is needed to power a variety of use cases across our organization.”

“The event data cloud is well-timed to meet the needs of the modern organization looking for a single source of truth to power a wide range of analytics use cases,” said Tahir Hashmi, VP of Engineering & Technical Fellow at Tokopedia.

Operating in excess of 200TB/day per customer at $0.16 per GB ingested, Scalyr’s event data cloud is faster and more scalable than other analytics solutions and cheaper to operate than “free” open source. Elegant in its powerful simplicity, key attributes of the architecture include:

  • Columnar Store: No need to create, store, or update indexes because there are no indexes.
  • Separate Storage and Compute: Scale independently and horizontally
  • Summary Service: Stream processing summarizes event streams to optimize repetitive queries, update dashboards and alerts.
  • Horizontal Scheduling: Queries are simultaneously distributed across every CPU in the global cluster for unmatched speed and affordability.
  • Network Effect: The more data Scalyr ingests the faster and more affordable the system is for all customers.