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Sber opens registration for AI Journey Contest 2022 with prize pool topping RUB 5 mn (~$80K)

By ET Bureau - October 17, 2022 3 Mins Read

Sber opens registration for AI Journey Contest 2022 with prize pool topping RUB 5 mn (~$80K)

Sber is accepting entries for its annual AI Journey Contest, an international online artificial intelligence (AI) competition. The competition winners will share the prize pool overshooting RUB 5mn (~$80K). This year’s competition is supported by Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI).

The four challenges available to contest participants are:

  1. FusionBrain Challenge 2.0 — following last year’s challenge to design strong artificial intelligence, this time the participants will be asked to build a single multitask model that would successfully complete 12 sub-tasks in two modalities (visual and textual), including hidden sub-tasks known only to the organizers. All task descriptions are expressed in natural
  2. AI4Talk — a highly complicated task for speech recognition and automated translation of the languages of indigenous peoples of Russia. The task, prepared by Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI), marks the International Decade of Indigenous

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  1. AI4Biology — a bioinformatical challenge from AIRI and the Gamaleya Federal Research Centre of Epidemiology and The participants will be tasked with creating an algorithm for a faster and easier classification of bacteria by mass spectrometry. Such algorithms are in demand for disease diagnostics, infection treatment, environmental studies and other areas. The winners’ algorithm, given its sufficient accuracy, will be further implemented in actual laboratories.
  2. AI4Sea — another challenge described as AI for Social Good. The participants are invited to develop an algorithm that will restore the actual fish capture level in the Russian Far East. The model is aimed at improving fishing forecast quality and eliminating the risk of marine resources misallocation as well as restoring historical data on the migration and population size of various species. The challenge has been prepared with the participation of the Pacific branch of the “VNIRO” (“TINRO”).

Alexander Vedyakhin, first deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“We are hosting a competition for AI and DS professionals for the seventh time, and every year we note both a growing number and geographical reach of its participants and their increasing expertise. Along the way the competition has gained international recognition, with professionals from different countries participating and winning prizes every year. We are constantly increasing the complexity of challenges considering the trends in AI technology development. Last year the participants of AI Journey Contest 2021 demonstrated over 2000 solutions, and this year we expect a more active participation given the rapid development of AI.”

Participants over 18 years old are eligible for the competition. The provided tasks must be solved before November 11, 2022. The competition is held on DS Works platform.

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