Saturn Cloud Introduces Free Cloud-Hosted Data Science Platform For Everyday And GPU-Accelerated Workloads

Saturn Cloud Introduces Free Cloud-Hosted Data Science Platform for Everyday and GPU-Accelerated Workloads

Today, Saturn Cloud, a Python data science company, announced that it is launching a free cloud-hosted data science and machine learning platform. The service includes hosted notebooks that run on CPUs or T4 and V100 GPUs, including managed Dask clusters for parallelizing code for faster models.

These new capabilities make it easy for data scientists to scale up and down, scale across GPUs, share work and dashboards, productionize workflows, and much more.

For data scientists working on local machines, Saturn Cloud offers an easy path moving to the cloud with no cost, setup or infrastructure work. For data scientists using other major cloud-hosted services, Saturn Cloud is unique in that it offers instant access plus multi-node multi-cluster computing tools.

The company has also made it easy to use tools such as PyTorch, LightGBM, RAPIDS, and many other Python data science libraries. Additionally, Saturn Cloud offers solutions for enterprise, including Hosted Pro and VPC deployments on AWS and other cloud providers. The paid Hosted version is pay-as-you-go pricing, without any fixed subscriptions costs.

Saturn Cloud has partnered with Amazon Web Services, Snowflake Computing, and NVIDIA to drive the adoption of Python data science tools such as Dask.

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These partnerships make it easy to add Saturn Cloud to existing data science infrastructure for users and organizations, where native product integrations make connections seamless across the platforms.

Thousands of individuals, academic institutions and businesses use the Saturn Cloud interface as their primary work environment or work locally with clusters in the cloud via Saturn Cloud’s external access protocols. The platform is broadly used across tech companies, the Fortune 1000, as well as hobbyists, students, and academics.

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