SAS helps organizations unlock the unrealized potential of their analytics investment

SAS, analytics investment

According to IDC, only 35% of organizations indicate that analytical models are fully deployed in production. This results in wasted effort and wasted money. With organizations investing approximately $189.1 billion in analytics this year alone, the deployment of analytical models and generating value from data is more critical than ever. SAS, the leader in analytics, is helping businesses complete the last mile of analytics and reach their goals through new offerings, services, and education.

Available now, SAS® ModelOps, is a new packaged offering combining SAS Model Manager software and advisory services. The offering streamlines the management, deployment, monitoring, retraining, and governance of both SAS and open source analytical models. To jumpstart success, it provides the added benefit of tailored consulting services. Additionally, SAS is introducing a new standalone service, ModelOps Health Check Assessment, intended to help organizations understand how to optimize deployment.

“The inability to put analytics into action is one of the biggest challenges across industries,” said Dan Vesset, Group Vice President of Analytics and Information Management at IDC. “Many organizations adopt a data-driven culture but struggle to actually apply changes that the data suggests. The finish line is to generate real business value from analytics investments, but many businesses are never reaching it, or struggle with the so-called ‘last mile’ of implementing, operationalizing and putting analytics to work.”

Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, said: “This is because data doesn’t drive an organization, decisions do. And we know analytically-driven decisions are better. Analytical models can detect credit-card fraud, manage banking risk, improve marketing accuracy and so much more. SAS knows how to work with companies to finish this last mile and put their analytics, AI and data investments to work.”

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