Sangfor Technologies, a leader in end-to-end security and cloud computing solutions, unveiled Endpoint Secure – a unique endpoint protection suite – during its Innovation Summit in Kuala Lumpur. Endpoint Secure enables organizations from small to large to identify and protect against 0-day malware & Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) using advanced AI detection and protection. Endpoint Secure also prevents the spread of ransomware and other APTs throughout the network.

Sangfor’s Innovation Summit is an annual event bringing together global IT industry leaders to share their experiences in an effort to educate, inspire and innovate through the imagination of likeminded professionals in an ever-changing field.

Endpoint Secure’s value proposition includes:

  • Prevention: Creates accurate behavior models of applications, processes, and communications running on 10’s of thousands of endpoint systems, allowing the user to kill any suspicious or malicious activity outside the baseline with one click preventing the spread of malware across the network.
  • Detection: Enable users to detect malicious files, intrusion attacks, web backdoors, and hotspot events using cutting edge artificial intelligence.
  • Defense: Empower users with real-time host and network defense against ransomware, APT breach attacks, backdoor incursions, active bots, and more.
  • Response: Supports network-wide threat location, one-click file isolation, one-click host isolation, and Sangfor NGAF integrated response capability.

Core to Endpoint Secure is Sangfor’s artificially intelligent malware/APT detection engine, Engine Zero. Engine Zero achieves high detection and low false-positive rates by accurately identifying the “DNA” of unknown malware/ransomware based on continuously learning artificial intelligence using multiple techniques such as evolving neural networks and heuristics. This gives the user insight into the nature of pending threats while more effectively identifying and blocking 0-day and other unknown threats. Engine Zero, in combination with Neural-X, a powerful cloud-based threat intelligence platform, enhances deep learning by training thousands of nodes within multiple multi-dimensional algorithmic detection models.

Endpoint Secure combines with the power of Sangfor’s already stellar network security product offerings, to greatly enhance the defensive abilities of the organization. The Endpoint Secure Protect agent host firewall capability prevents the east-west spread of malicious activity by blocking suspicious or unauthorized network communications. Endpoint Secure integrates with Sangfor NGAF to stop both exfiltrations to Command & Control servers and access to phishing sites at the perimeter by signaling the NGAF which hosts are currently exhibiting unusual or malicious behavior. Additional micro-segmentation functionality to limit access across network boundaries is available via integration with Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM). Endpoint Secure can manage and monitor 10’s of thousands of endpoint assets via on-premise console or integration with Platform-X, Sangfor’s revolutionary cloud-based integrated management system.