SANDSIV Publishes Landmark Research on Digital Transformation Measurement

SANDSIV Publishes Landmark Research on Digital Transformation Measurement

White paper presents new metrics for measuring, improving digitization efforts

For years, companies have sought to digitize the customer experience. But what exactly does such digital transformation entail? And how can companies measure its impact on customer sentiment? SANDSIV, makers of sandsiv+, the world’s most advanced customer-intelligence software platform, discuss these questions and provide some compelling answers in a white paper written by Federico Cesconi and Gian Paolo Franzoni.

“Measuring Digital Transformation: An Empirical Approach to Measuring Phygital Journeys” describes the importance of digital transformation and the pitfalls to which a surprising number of companies succumb. It then discusses various frameworks for designing and implementing digital-transformation initiatives before drawing on them to produce a series of simple mathematical formulas that generate insightful, actionable KPIs.

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The result, says Federico, is an array of metrics that can guide any digital-transformation project related to the customer journey, confirm its progress at any point in the journey and guide further work, and demonstrate the benefits of successful digital transformation as a series of KPIs that prove the value of digitization in bottom-line terms.

“This white paper has been years in the making,” notes Federico. “It speaks deeply to what we do both as a developer of CXM software and as a commercial entity. After all, we’re a business like any other, with a target market to serve and individual customers to whom we want to convey as much value as possible. The framework described here draws on our own internal efforts to optimize SANDSIV’s customer experience, and we couldn’t be prouder to share it with the world.”

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