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SAFe® 6.0 & SAFe® Studio Platform Redefine Agile Enterprise Workflow

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Scaled Agile, Inc., provider of SAFe ® , the world’s most trusted system for organizing the work of an agile company, today announced two new flagship products, SAFe ® 6.0 and SAFe® Studio . SAFe 6.0 is the latest version of the Scaled Agile Framework ® , courses, certifications, toolkits and online learning. SAFe Studio is a new platform where SAFe professionals can learn, train and manage SAFe.

“SAFe has become the global standard for enterprises to achieve business agility at scale. We take this responsibility seriously by continuously investing in the development of SAFe to support and implement the latest technology and business trends. These new solutions represent significant advances in integrating SAFe methods into daily work for enterprises, enabling change and delivering the benefits of business agility,” said Chris James, CEO of Scaled Agile.

SAFe® 6.0 

Scaled Agile Framework®

In this latest version of the framework, guidelines have been developed to address the most important challenges faced by organizations in the following key areas:

  • Team Value Stream Acceleration, Agile Release Trains (ART), Solution Trains, and portfolios with eight new stream accelerators.
  • Providing businesses with the business templates and technology templates they need to scale SAFe across the organization, with guidance for Agile management teams, business-centric ARTs, and Agile business functions.
  • Relevant responsibilities and collaboration options for key SAFe roles, reflecting their importance in an Agile business environment.
  • Accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies with guidance on advancing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.
  • Delivering better results with expanded OKR guidance and advanced competency and flow assessment tools.

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“Central to this evolution of SAFe is a deeper understanding of flow,” said SAFe creator and chief methodologist Dean Leffingwell. “With our ability to measure flow, we have a new and quantitative basis for understanding what’s going on, how processes work, and what we can do to improve.”

Andrew Sales, another lead methodologist, commented on the event as follows: “This could be the greatest breakthrough in the development of SAFe, as well as in our industries understanding how to measure and improve what was previously intangible and immeasurable.”

Resources for education and training

These latest developments are reflected in updates to SAFe courses, online learning programs and training resources available in SAFe Studio. Leading SAFe ® , one of the most popular Scaled Agile courses, is now available in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. The company has also developed an ambitious and ongoing plan to localize education and training resources.

SAFe ® Studio Platform

Designed with the enterprise in mind, SAFe Studio is the next version of the subscription-based platform that empowers SAFe professionals to learn, train and manage SAFe. The system is designed to manage organizational change by putting SAFe principles into practice and helping employees adapt and improve new ways of working, and this is achieved across the enterprise in all business units.

The new version of SAFe Studio will support trainers and coaches, teams, individuals and Scaled Agile partners through the key aspects and practices of SAFe:

  • On-demand learning opportunities with self-guided learning modules and actionable insights.
  • Curated tools and content playlists based on employee interests and roles.
  • Enterprise-focused tools to manage and improve SAFe practices.
  • Growth recommendations integration to track progress.
  • Localization of content for employees in different regions.
  • Improved partner discovery is now categorized by the five key capabilities most valuable to enterprises, allowing you to choose from over 500 Scaled Agile partners worldwide.

“The SAFe Studio concept is a significant step forward in how teams and businesses will effectively use and implement SAFe methods,” said Inbar Oren, Head of Scaled Agile Product Development. “With today’s launch, we are committed to building a first-class, enterprise-grade platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to better adapt businesses and governments to changes in dynamic markets.”

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