Rufus Labs Launches Proximity Alerts to Improve Warehouse Safety

Rufus Labs Launches Proximity Alerts to Improve Warehouse Safety

Warehouse wearables alert workers when they are within 6 feet of one another.

Rufus Labs, which produces intelligent wearable warehouse technology and workforce analytics software, today announced the launch of Proximity Alerts via its suite of warehouse wearables including The Rufus Cuff, ScanGlove, PalmScan, and Rufus RingScan.

This year’s peak season is projected to be the busiest yet for ecommerce companies. eMarketer forecasts retail ecommerce sales to make up 18.8% of US retail holiday sales and grow 35.8% year-over-year. Warehouses, therefore, will be full of workers picking and packing to accommodate the shift driven by the COVID economy, and safety will continue to be a crucial issue for warehouse management.

“Now is the perfect time to launch Rufus Proximity Alerts across our wearables as warehouses scale up in the face of this year’s unique peak season,” said Gabe Grifoni, founder and chief executive officer of Rufus Labs. “Each worker equipped with a wearable provides increased visibility providing a much-needed sense for where every worker is within the warehouse, which leads to increased safety and efficiency within warehouses at a time when they need it most.”

Wearable technology in the warehouse provides the most accurate visibility into warehouse worker location, efficiency, and safety. Rufus Labs integrated Proximity Alerts across all devices with haptics built in to notify users when they are within 6-feet of one another. Unlike typical handheld scanners, a warehouse wearable provides accurate alerts of when a person is too close to another worker, rather than alerting based on the position of the tool, which can be laid down, or left behind, which decreases its accuracy.

The full Rufus Labs product line is comprised of the Rufus Cuff Pro, ScanGlove2, PalmScan2, and Rufus RingScan2, a rugged, lightweight ring-barcode scanner (1D, 2D, UPC, QR) built to be worn comfortably on one finger. All products are part of the Rufus WorkHero subscription, which combines Rufus industrial wearables with Rufus WorkHero visibility software.

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All Rufus Labs customers always receive the latest software and hardware as a part of the subscription offering, including this latest Proximity Alerts launch. This ensures that Rufus customers are equipped with the latest technology that increases warehouse productivity, safety, and accuracy, all while reducing labor costs and providing unprecedented labor visibility. The WorkHero subscription is also scalable so customers adjust based on seasonal need, and because the technology is designed for ease-of-use and integrates seamlessly into the WMS, customers can start using Rufus technology on day one.