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Ricoh Canada partners with Vizetto to supercharge collaboration and empowers digital workplace transformation

By ET Bureau - January 20, 2020 3 Mins Read

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Vizetto, the creators of Reactiv SUITE is excited to announce its partnership with Ricoh Canada Inc. Ricoh Canada’s leading-edge Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) are being bundled with Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE software.

IT Service Providers Need to Digitally Transform

Ineffective collaboration results in the loss of productivity, time, and poor decision-making – to the tune of $37 billion (USD) in annual productivity cost due to unnecessary meetings in the US alone 1. Reactiv SUITE is an innovative presentation and collaboration software designed to make meetings more efficient and productive. With this new partnership, Ricoh offers an unparalleled value proposition that simplifies team meetings and is set to power a collaboration revolution in education, healthcare and business organizations of all industries and sizes.

Reactiv SUITE is revolutionizing the way people communicate and share, by creating a “Digital Table” whereby multiple remote users can simultaneously access, push and manipulate any type of content as if it were a piece of paper. It provides users’ the ability to share, collaborate and ideate across teams from anywhere in the world, and it’s using Ricoh’s IWB technology to deliver it.

“People have been talking about the digital transformation in our workplace for years, but no organization has successfully figured out how to execute.  This partnership with Ricoh gives us an amazing opportunity to integrate the next generation vision of Reactiv with a great solution provider like Ricoh.  As a Canadian company, we are eager to help Ricoh Canada lead the way and transform the way Canadians will communicate and share”, said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto.

The SUITE is comprised of three major fully integrated components:

  • STAGE; a powerful non-linear storytelling tool that enables teams to shift focus from managing content to the narrative of a presentation.
  • SCRIBBLE; a breakthrough brainstorming and layout tool, that uses an infinite canvas, allowing you to sketch, write ideas, mark up pages and create dynamic layouts.
  • HUDDLE is a next-generation unified collaboration tool that allows any user, anywhere in the world, to manipulate, edit and ink on documents as if they were in the same room.

“The digital shift is transforming the way people work, and businesses need to move rapidly to stay ahead of the competition and keep customers happy. Ricoh Canada is committed to helping its customers work smarter, faster and more efficiently, while achieving more value from enterprise data, to stay ahead of — and even disrupt — the competition. The key to helping our customers succeed during this ongoing change is our evolving portfolio and we see Reactiv SUITE as a major value add for our customers,” said Eric Fletcher, VP of Marketing at Ricoh Canada

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With simple solutions for complex collaboration challenges tailored to you, Ricoh can help your employees get the right tools at the right time to deliver a high-performance business experience for your customers and your employees.


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