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Reveal Energy Services Commercializes DSCVRi Cloud-Based Completion Evaluation Engine

By ET Bureau - July 23, 2019 2 Mins Read

Reveal Energy, Cloud-Based, Evaluation Engine
Reveal Energy Services announces the commercialization of the DSCVRiSMcloud-based completion evaluation engine to support the industry’s age of fiscal discipline. The company is presenting the secure web portal in booth 1139 at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference at the Colorado Convention Center July 22–24.
DSCVRi Cloud-Based Completion Evaluation Engine
DSCVRi Cloud-Based Completion Evaluation Engine

As US operators develop their shale oil and gas assets with tighter budgets, their demand is continually increasing for superior technology that improves completion performance. This industry dynamic for greater fiscal discipline is the context for the development of the DSCVRi engine—in addition to all other Reveal Energy Services’ technology—that allows operators to consolidate their hydraulic fracturing results in one web portal and quickly identify stimulation design patterns. With this information, operators can complete better wells at a lower cost.

“In this age of fiscal discipline, we’re continuing to develop technology that offers immediate answers operators can act on,” said Sudhendu Kashikar, CEO of Reveal Energy Services. “With the DSCVRi engine, operators can determine the hydraulic fracturing strategy with the highest ROI.”

The DSCVRengine, the company’s second technology commercialization in five months and seventh overall in three years, has data from the region, well, and stage levels. The web portal includes their Reveal Energy Services’ IMAGE Frac™ pressure-based fracture map and FracEYESM frac hit analysis service data, all in a central location with consistent formats and reports. Combined with the interactive, standardized dashboards, the web portal lets operators test ideas and arrive at statistically valid conclusions through a continual improvement and learning process.


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