Recreate the Magic of In-Person Meetings; Einblick Introduces Real-Time Remote Collaboration Through Video-Enabled Data Whiteboards


Einblick, an interactive analytics whiteboard, based on years of research at MIT and Brown University, today announced a new video-based collaboration feature, which enables multi-disciplinary teams to work more naturally together on data problems from remote locations. Einblick enables people to visually explore their data, build models, and make data driven decisions as a team through its novel open canvas design that supports descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. The company is also offering a free 14 day trial of its recently released Einblick 1.0 for users to experience the power of collaborating in real-time.

“Einblick is changing how data driven business insights are explored, developed and communicated,” said Tim Kraska, CEO and Co-Founder of Einblick. “Right now, everyone is being asked to inform their business decisions with data. Einblick’s new video feature allows both business users and data scientists to work together in real-time on data problems rather than just sharing final results.”

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Einblick 1.0
Einblick is a multi-player analytics whiteboard that data scientists and business users can use to quickly extract actionable insights from their data. Einblick 1.0 provides a cloud-based visual data analytics platform that enables multi-disciplinary teams to collaboratively explore their data and models in an open canvas that supports descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics in order for teams to make data driven decisions. Key features include:

  • Video collaboration: Recreate the magic of in-person meetings through multi-player video-enabled whiteboards. Einblick has the power to connect teams while collaborating virtually on data analysis.
  • Enhanced Key Driver Analysis (KDA): Users quickly mine data for insights and identify the top features impacting performance among thousands of potential factors – KDA features provide more detailed analytics and additional explainability tools.
  • Improved Coding Integration: Users can create the most efficient hybrid code / no code data pipelines. Moreover, Einblick allows users to expose their own libraries as new visual operators to make them accessible to the entire company.
  • Progressive Approximation Engine: Regardless of the size of your data or how computationally intensive your analysis is Einblick responds in real-time preventing your teams from being slowed down by traditional system architecture.

Einblick’s free 14-day trial program is available immediately. To sign up and for more information. Users can get hands-on experience with Einblick’s analytics platform that allows data scientists and their business partners to work together in real-time to explore their data.

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