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Ready Computing Joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

By ET Bureau - January 09, 2020 4 Mins Read

Channels, Ready Computing’s Care Coordination solution, will leverage Google Cloud services and healthcare technologies to enable scalable and well-orchestrated care.

Ready Computing, a leader in care coordination technologies, is proud to announce it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. As a Google Cloud partner, Ready Computing is now further enabled to provide the next generation of care coordination technology on both a national and international scale.

Partnership Highlights:

  • Channels will leverage Google Cloud Platform to deliver care coordination and risk management services
  • Organizations can use Channels as a turnkey solution to coordinate care, improve care transitions, and better utilize their existing integrations to power multi-organizational workflows
  • Google Cloud Platform is a secure and compliant platform for healthcare technology
  • Early-adopter access to healthcare APIs will enable data ingestion and machine-learning to improve workflows and care coordination

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Since 2011, Ready Computing has been collaborating and partnering with large health systems, payers, and HIEs to achieve the goal of enabling data liquidity in the healthcare industry. Through its many partnerships and involvement in standards-based organizations, that goal has become a reality. Now, they seek to use that data to better engage customers and connect them to their data.

Channels is a care coordination and risk management solution that empowers care coordinators to better strategize with easy-to-use tools—simplifying program creation, oversight, and measurement. Through its robust data integration and rules engines, as well as integrations with many leading EHRs, it enables collaboration across organizational boundaries and disparate entities to help create a truly borderless care experience. By monitoring existing clinical data and event feeds, it can quickly identify high-risk events, create tasks for the entire care team (regardless of their organization and technology), while also facilitating communication and data sharing. This proactive monitoring approach helps improve operational efficiencies, manage and reduce risk, improve quality scores, and ensure a well-coordinated care team.

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As a part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, Channels can now be delivered at-scale and given access to machine learning technologies to improve care coordination and workflows. In addition, through the early-adopter program, Channels can now access Google Cloud’s Healthcare APIs to rapidly accelerate data ingestion. This will only further enhance Channels’ inherent cross-organizational workflow capabilities to reduce risk and increase data efficiency.

“Channels ensures that no patient falls through the cracks, that each event is analyzed for risk, and that patients are proactively managed to ensure better outcomes and prevent adverse events,” said Samir Jain, VP of Technology for Ready Computing. “Furthermore, Channels’ use of standards and EHR APIs ensures that each member of the care team receives information and tasks in their existing workflows, regardless of system or organization. This is a key step in ensuring a real-time, borderless health system. By joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, we’ve chosen to make an investment that ensures Channels can be delivered as a turnkey and secure solution, at a scale that only Google Cloud can deliver.”

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Ready Computing has evolved with it, forging key partnerships to deliver a better standard of healthcare on a global-scale. Through the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, and continuing to work hand-in-hand with HIE’s, Ready Computing is primed to enable and deliver the next generation of HIE services with Channels. The combination of Google Cloud and Channels enables an orchestration of care across multiple disparate entities and will play a key role in the modernization of healthcare.

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