Rapid Data Migration Solution Provides Instant-On Automation for Business Documents

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Rapid Data Migration Solution Provides Instant-On Automation for Business Documents

BIS, the creator of Grooper, the leading software platform for discovering and transforming unstructured data into actionable information, announces a new program assisting enterprise organizations and business process outsourcing providers who are struggling to maintain daily operations by providing secured end-to-end data migration from documents.

Organizations with large document-based workflows are at significant risk by not planning alternative solutions to automate traditional manual data entry and document processing tasks.

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Grooper as a Service
Grooper as a Service is a unique offering that combines powerful data integration software with a fully staffed SOC 2 compliant state-of-the-art data migration facility. Customers retain access to the Grooper software platform while all document images and extracted data are migrated directly to their line of business applications.

“Grooper as a Service is the only option on the market today that provides rapid data migration with a single line-item purchase. The solution was first implemented by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. And that project was hugely successful. They migrated data from over 20 million document pages in the first nine months of the project,” said BIS CEO, Dan Rotelli.

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With the capability to process hundreds of thousands of documents on a daily basis, the BIS data migration-center is poised to provide single-source rapid turn-around for organizations that need to process mission-critical documents but are struggling to do so on their own.

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