Rakuten Telecom deploys Thales’ trusted connection solution for the world’s first fully virtualized network

Rakuten Telecom deploys Thales' trusted connection solution for the world's first fully virtualized network

Thales‘ first end-to-end cloud-native operation in the world Internet played a key role in the network of operators are active participants in the Japanese market – Lotte telecommunications (Rakuten Mobile).

This flexible mobile network operator is using Thales’ comprehensive eSIM, SIM and remote connection management solution portfolio to help consumers quickly embark on their digital journey. Thales’ eSIM technology has also played a key role in the development of Rakuten Telecom’s innovative 4G and 5G smartphones.

By supporting the cloud activation of eSIM devices, Thales’ solution enhances the digital access process for Rakuten Telecom users. For users, remote system management of subscriptions during the device’s lifetime is equally simple and straightforward. In addition to realizing a digital user experience, this digital-first strategy has also improved Rakuten Telecom’s operational efficiency.

The space saved by Thales eSIM is especially valuable for 5G devices, because 5G devices currently require larger antennas and batteries, and there is almost no space for new features. Rakuten Telecom is deploying Thales’ eSIM in its 4G and 5G smartphones (Rakuten Mini, Rakuten Hand, and 5G-compatible Rakuten BIG).

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In view of the above advantages, GSMA predicts that by 2025, the number of eSIM smartphone connections worldwide will reach 2.4 billion. By then, the number of 5G connections in Japan alone is expected to reach 130 million.

“Rakuten Telecom has embarked on a journey of innovation to create a new generation of cloud-based mobile services. Thales’ innovative eSIM solution enables us to provide customers with a faster and smoother network access process, and to provide fully digital And a safe user experience.”
Tareq Amin, Representative Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Lotte Telecom

“The strategic focus of Rakuten Telecom is to provide customers with a convenient self-service network access process. Our eSIM management solution helps Rakuten Telecom improve its customer experience through secure digital registration and out-of-the-box subscription delivery services. I am very happy. Thales eSIM has promoted the development of a new 5G era, and has also enhanced promising new consumer IoT use cases .”
Emmanuel Unguran, Senior Vice President, Thales Mobile Connectivity Solutions

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