QunaSys Joins the Pistoia Alliance

QunaSys Joins the Pistoia Alliance (1)

QunaSys, Inc.(“QunaSys”), a quantum technologies company with a particular focus on algorithm and software development led by TenninYan, has joined the Pistoia Alliance, a global non-profit alliance and an advocate for open innovation in the life sciences. Hereafter, QunaSys and the Pistoia Alliance would closely cooperate to utilize quantum computational technology for an innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

“We are very pleased to welcome QunaSys into the Pistoia Alliance and look forward to working with them to achieve our goal of lowering barriers to innovation in the life science industry. The world of life sciences R&D continues to change rapidly – and sharing, partnering and collaborating will be essential to increased innovation.

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As our membership continues to grow, our projects and initiatives will be vital in fostering this collaborative mind-set and leading to new breakthroughs,” commented Dr. Steve Arlington, President of the Pistoia Alliance.

QunaSys has been aiming towards the social implementation of quantum computers and has been developing user-friendly algorithms and applications for materials development. In addition, QunaSys has been running QPARC, a consortium including over 50 Japanese materials companies for discussing practices and applications of quantum computing. By joining the Pistoia Alliance, we aim to expand our QPARC community and accelerate our joint research on a global scale. We have full intentions to grow and lead QPARC internationally for the social implementation of quantum computing by connecting Japanese and foreign activities surrounding quantum computing.

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