Quectel Selects Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem for Integration with BC660K-GL Module

Quectel Selects Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem for Integration with BC660K-GL Module

Quectel Wireless Solutions today announced the integration of Qualcomm Technologies 212 LTE IoT Modem from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. with the Cat6 NB2 high-performance LTE Cat NB2 high-performance BC660K-GL module ( NB-IoT) from Quectel. The module, which is pending certification with major global operators, offers extremely low power consumption and supports multiple frequency bands.

The Quectel module has an ultracompact profile of 17.7 mm × 15.8 mm × 2.0 mm and, as the module was designed to be compatible with Quectel’s GSM / GPRS M66 module and NB-IoT BC66 module, provides a flexible and scalable platform for the migration from GSM / GPRS networks to NB-IoT networks.

With NB-IoT networks being implemented worldwide, an increasing number of IoT applications are selecting the technology. Therefore, Quectel developed the BC660K-GL module to meet the needs of chipset manufacturers for large-scale manufacturing with strict cost and efficiency requirements.

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“We are delighted that Qualcomm’s IoT 212 LTE Modem is being integrated into our BC660K-GL module,” said Neset Yalcinkaya , vice president of products at Quectel Wireless Solutions. “This versatile module offers excellent performance with low power consumption. Our teams are collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies to ensure that the modules are certified by global operators and we hope to launch commercial products on the market in early 2021.”

“The integration of the Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT modem with Quectel’s NB-IoT module will help enable the creation of new global smart devices and applications for IoT,” said Vieri Vanghi, vice president of product management for Qualcomm Europe, Inc. Together with Quectel, we are able to globally meet the demands of manufacturers for low-power, ultra-compact and economical IoT technologies.

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