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Qintess Announces Acquisition of Analytics-Based Company

By ET Bureau - August 04, 2020 3 Mins Read

Qintess, one of the key suppliers of technology solutions and digital transformation in Brazil, announces their acquisition of 100% of the operations of CSC Brasil. CSC Brasil is one of the largest independent platforms dealing with Analytics and Business Intelligence in the country.

Founded over 30 years ago, CSC BRASIL is at the forefront of their industry in Brazil. The company has contracts and partnerships with the most modern and innovative companies offering solutions for Business Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning, Digitalization and Automation of Processes, as well as Service Management.

With this acquisition, Qintess prioritizes its expansion both in Brazil and in its neighboring countries, using data analysis as the basis for its process of digital transformation for its customers.

“The merger of CSC BRASIL into the Qintess Group represents an important step in its trajectory, marked by pioneerism and innovation. We form a highly competent, motivated and committed team, we earn the trust of our customers and, above all, we are able to build a reputation of excellence with the delivery of our solutions. This opportunity gives me great satisfaction; by welcoming CSC BRASIL into the Qintess group we contribute to upholding the vision of its founder”, says Moyses Levy Liberbaum, CSC’s CEO.

“This acquisition reinforces our strategy of growth and supports our vision for the future. We are part of a company that is reinventing itself daily in order to create value for its customers, collaborators and shareholders. We have determined that innovation and data will be the main propellers of our transformation”, says Nana Baffour, CEO, Chairman & Chief Culture Officer of Qintess.

With the acquisition, the company will inaugurate a platform named Qintess Analytics & Decision Science (QADS), which will combine the analytics solutions present in Qintess’ current portfolio with those of CSC Brasil. The purpose is to provide customers with solutions for strategic consulting in order to obtain the best outcome from its data assets, using solutions based on Business Solutions, Data Visualization, Process Mining, Automation, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and A.I. “We are prepared for many facets of the organizations to evolve, letting go of secrecy and offering the source of the data which in turn enables a data-driven culture. We are also implementing solutions for the structuring of data, for integration, treatment and sanitation and the application of governance practices”, says Rogério Dias, Chief of Staff of Qintess.

“With this acquisition, we will offer our customers a robust platform to cover the entire flow of data science. This will cover the ingestion and preparation of the data, its analysis, the discovery of insights, visualization and exploration as well as advanced models of machine learning. This will deliver value to businesses due to faster and more assertive decision making” says Felipe Lima, Analytics & Decision Science Officer of Qintess

The acquisition is in line with the strategy of the company, which foresees an average revenue growth rate of 20% per year until 2023. As for 2020, the expectation is of an increment of 10% in invoicing.


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