Pushnami to Offer Free Push Notification Platform for All Websites and Online Businesses

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Pushnami to Offer Free Push Notification Platform for All Websites and Online Businesses

Pushnami, the top push notification platform built for marketers, will offer its platform for free to all new customers. In response to sudden impacts that online companies face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, these businesses will be able to use Pushnami at no cost for up to six months.

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Running cost-effective and result-generating campaigns are essential for any marketing team or online business. In the current economic conditions, companies are being forced to make hard decisions regarding their channel allocation, overall budgets, and human resources.

“Right now, thousands of businesses have been affected by one of the most challenging events to our economy in over a generation. The best way we can help the impacted marketers and businesses is to open up a new marketing channel, completely free, for those that might not be utilizing push technology or those that are simply trying to drive more revenue and engagement without increasing their marketing budget,” said CEO Emerson Smith. “Pushnami intends to support these businesses in any way possible over the weeks and months to come.”

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Push technology is used on only three percent of the global top one million websites, according to BuiltWith. This is a channel that most marketers have never tested or even used before. Push notifications can help businesses capture more of their website traffic, deliver a great customer experience by sending highly targeted messages, and increase their conversions and resulting revenue.

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