PureSoftware Develops a Gateway for Professionals on Career Break to Get Back to Work with the “Back to Work®” Program

PureSoftware has fostered a culture of support, equal opportunity and growth through multiple programs. One of the most important is the ”  Back to Work  ” program, launched in 2021, which encourages women to re-engage in their professional lives.

According to a recent study by TFI Research, “Many women in India leave the corporate world to raise children, care for elders and for other reasons. But only less than 58% of Indian women return to full-time work after a career break. »

Through the Back to Work program, PureSoftware provides opportunities and accompanies women to reintegrate and resume their career in business after a break. This program includes structured onboarding, targeted mentorship, flexible work options and on-the-job learning to ensure women have a successful second entry into the workforce.

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Sameer Jain , Managing Director of PureSoftware , said: “The paradigm is changing rapidly, and more and more women want to return to work after a career break and embark on a 2.0 career. At PureSoftware, women make up 30% of the workforce. The idea of ​​fair re-skilling of the workforce is fundamental to the future success and prosperity of our business. »

Speaking of the Back to Work program, Sameer , added, “The Back to Work program is a gateway for women to return to work with full-time employment. It aims to give them access to the right leadership and mentors, on-the-job training to improve their skills, and provide them with opportunities to re-enter the labor market. The program focuses on learning and improving skills through mentorship and well-designed learning pathways. We now have several of these women involved with us who are doing very well. »

The program allows women to regain their employability through additional training and offers them practical experience on projects that match their skills. Women with experience in the tech industry can apply directly on PureSoftware’s Back to Work  page.

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