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PURE The Winery, the award-winning sugar-free wine distributor, is using Oracle NetSuite to support its vision of creating a new category in the wine industry. With NetSuite, PURE The Winery has been able to take advantage of an integrated business platform to better align production with demand, improve the speed and accuracy of its financial processes, and navigate the complex tax requirements of cross-border alcohol trade as it embarks on ambitious growth plans.

Founded by former Coca-Cola executives in 2019, PURE The Winery distributes award-winning sugar-free Italian wines. To meet the growing demand for healthier alcohol options and to better manage the compliance requirements of trading across markets in Europe, the U.S., Asia and Australia, PURE The Winery needed to replace its existing business systems. After careful evaluation, PURE The Winery replaced QuickBooks with NetSuite. PURE The Winery has since centralised business operations on a single platform, optimised its financial and inventory operations, successfully adopted a direct-to-consumer sales model after stores and restaurants closed due to the pandemic, and scaled its business, which is now on track to surpass 1 million bottles and €10 million in sales in 2022.

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“The market was thirsty for online development, and conditions were right, but ultimately we needed a far better way to manage everything from finances to stock predictions,” said Stuart Foster, financial controller and investor, PURE The Winery. “Now, NetSuite is helping us make the most of our opportunity by aligning sales and inventory data so we can deal with expected peaks in demand with our manufacturing partners, such as meeting heightened popularity for rosé in summer. NetSuite will also bring together data from our online and bricks-and-mortar channels, and help us navigate the complicated world of tax compliance across our markets. We rely on NetSuite to make sure everything is working seamlessly together and know it will scale with us.”

With NetSuite, PURE The Winery has simplified its accounting, supply chain and inventory management processes. Prior to NetSuite, teams of people were required to manually check everything from cash receipts to stock levels on a country-by-country basis. PURE The Winery estimates it is saving up to eight days of work per quarter since adopting NetSuite. With the help of NetSuite Solution Provider Wipro, PURE The Winery also uses NetSuite to manage all the necessary tax, duty, export documentation and labelling requirements that vary across the markets it trades in. PURE The Winery plans to add new countries including France, Italy and Ireland in 2022 and aims to drive more operational efficiencies by integrating with logistics centres.

“PURE The Winery has effectively created a whole new category,” said Nicky Tozer, SVP EMEA, Oracle NetSuite. “Great ideas also require great execution. With NetSuite, PURE The Winery has a single platform to run its whole business, helping save time and resource, while bringing visibility and insights that it never had before, so that more people can enjoy its award-winning wine.”

Pure The Winery selected Oracle NetSuite in 2019.

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