Proximus Taps AirTies for Cloud Wi-Fi Management Platform

Proximus, AirTies, Cloud, Wi-Fi Management Platform
Proximus Taps AirTies for Cloud Wi-Fi Management Platform

AirTies, the most widely deployed supplier of managed Wi-Fi solutions to service providers globally announced that Proximus, Belgium’s leading telecommunications provider, has deployed AirTies Cloud.

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AirTies Cloud is a flexible management platform that continuously optimizes the network and gives service providers real-time visibility into their subscribers’ Wi-Fi performance, allowing remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. It gives service providers insights and analysis on connected devices and data consumption patterns within the home, along with proactive recommendations and a “Wi-Fi Experience Index” to help operators better serve their customers.

“Having a great Wi-Fi experience at home and in the office is a key need for our customers. We have seen strong growth in the number of connected devices, combined with a variety of services running on these devices,” said Jim Casteele, Chief Consumer Market Officer of Proximus. “We already offer our customers the possibility to extend their Wi-Fi coverage with our Wi-Fi Booster. With AirTies Cloud, we can now proactively manage and optimize our customers’ Wi-Fi to help them stay connected and entertained. Providing our customers with intelligent Wi-Fi is part of our commitment to offering the best set of converged services.”

“Proximus has the ambition to offer superior in-home Wi-Fi to consumers in Belgium, and we’re proud to support them with our versatile cloud Wi-Fi management platform,” said Philippe Alcaras, CEO of AirTies. “With increased demand driven by streaming video, more connected devices, and telecommuting, Proximus recognizes that its customers are more dependent than ever on having a reliable home network that provides spotless service and coverage, and we look forward to helping them deliver the optimum Wi-Fi experience.”

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With AirTies Cloud, there is no need to download any client-side software on subscribers’ personal devices. AirTies’ unique hybrid cloud-edge architecture leverages both the embedded intelligence in CPEs and cloud-based analytics to maximize responsiveness and performance. This capability is key for home environments with high-band low latency applications such as gaming and UHD video.

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