Propertybase Partners with API Nation to Further Software Integrations

Propertybase, API Nation, Software Integrations

Propertybase, a leading global real estate platform, announced today a partnership with the software integration experts at API Nation. The move continues Propertybase’s already established commitment to providing the industry and its more than 2,000 brokerages with fully-integrated software that simplifies the business of real estate – eliminating the technology silos that so many brokerages and agents face.

With an abundance of connected applications and built-in workflows, API Nation is real estate’s only purpose-built integration solution.

“Propertybase is already one of the most robust and widely used platforms on the market and we’re thrilled to partner with API Nation to further our integrations,” stated Rocky Rankin, Senior Director Product Management. “This opportunity is advantageous for our customers to sync their favorite software with our open API and bridge technological inefficiencies.”

The partnership guarantees that Propertybase third-party applications will be effectively supported and deployed; while affording Propertybase the freedom to expand and optimize their already wide-array of core product features. The first major integration phase will kick off this month to ensure seamless compatibility with Quickbooks®, Google™ contacts, Google Calendar™, and Gmail™.