Process Stream Announces New Strategic Partnership with SIMBA Chain

Process Stream , SIMBA Chain

Process Stream announced that it had entered into a strategic partnership with SIMBA Chain, a leading cloud-based, smart contract as-a-service (SCaaS) blockchain development firm, to develop a viable blockchain-enabled solution for regulated industries.

“We’re thrilled to partner with industry pioneers like SIMBA Chain. We see several transformational opportunities for blockchain to dramatically change key use cases in regulated industries,” says Bobby Roy, Process Stream CEO. “SIMBA Chain is a qualified leader in blockchain, and a team who will help us innovate market-defining solutions in our space.”

SIMBA Chain focuses on simplifying the design, development, and deployment of blockchain-based applications. Their solutions have been tailored for government and enterprise networks, serving iOS Andriod and web. In 2019, SIMBA Chain earned TechPoint’s Mira Award for ‘New Product of the Year’, and 1st Source Bank’s ‘Commercialization Award’.