PRO Unlimited Further Expands its Modern Workforce Global Footprint with Acquisition of Managed Services Provider Brainnet Group

PRO Unlimited Further Expands its Modern Workforce Global Footprint with Acquisition of Managed Services Provider Brainnet Group

PRO Unlimited, the pioneer and leading modern workforce management solution provider in the industry, today announced the continued expansion of its global footprint in EMEA with the acquisition of Brainnet Group. For the past 24 years, Brainnet Group has been the leading purely vendor-neutral Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the Netherlands, providing companies with significant cost savings, process optimization and high-quality talent across their contingent workforce management programs. PRO currently has a very strong foothold in EMEA, and Brainnet Group will only help broaden the company’s reach with its blue-chip client base and outstanding brand recognition throughout the region.

The acquisition increases the ability to service PRO’s international clients while also delivering additional solutions to Brainnet’s clients such as third-party payroll and market rate intelligence. This latest move supports PRO’s continued investment in its contingent workforce management platform along with offering the industry’s most trusted services the Global 2000 requires to win the battle for talent. Brainnet Group’s existing contingent labor solutions will be folded into PRO’s umbrella of software and services the company presently offers to organizations across EMEA and beyond.

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“Brainnet Group has demonstrated for over two decades that it is the MSP leader in the Netherlands, which further reinforces that its purely vendor-neutral model is the preferred approach to managing the highly skilled, professional non-employee workforce,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, PRO Unlimited. “This acquisition not only continues to strengthen our established presence in EMEA, but it also allows us to provide additional services and support to our global client base. Lastly, it enables us to showcase the industry’s most comprehensive contingent workforce management platform and consultative services to companies that need to easily scale and adapt to a fast-growing market.”

Some of the world’s largest companies rely on Brainnet Group’s services to strategically and operationally outsource their non-employee workforce segments. The acquisition expands PRO’s ability to modernize mission-critical non-employee workforce programs worldwide, which have now become a top four spend category. It also marks the latest step in PRO’s plans to deliver outstanding services and technological innovations that empower clients to better identify, source and manage talent on a global basis as part of their human capital strategies.

“We have been approached by a number of companies regarding this acquisition. However, when it was time to identify the best partner, PRO Unlimited was unquestionably the right choice,” said Tjebbe van Oostenbruggen, CEO of Brainnet Group. “We have enhanced our customers’ businesses through a purely vendor-neutral MSP model, and we share the same strategic approach with PRO. We have decades of common experience optimizing our customers’ contingent workforce programs and are the recognized leaders in the industry. Joining the PRO team presents an exciting opportunity to both expand our business and also enable our clients’ continued success throughout EMEA and beyond.”

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