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Prime Robotics Launches the Auto Shelf, A Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses

By ET Bureau - March 05, 2020 2 Mins Read

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On March 9th at the MODEX Convention, Prime Robotics will launch the Auto Shelf, a revolutionary warehouse robotics platform. The Auto Shelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) systems with a fully patented design that integrates the robot into every shelf.

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The smart Auto Shelf system creates previously impossible efficiencies in your supply chain with the fastest possible pick speeds, improved inventory accuracy, and a short learning curve to get your system quickly paying you back. Our system eliminates the time that traditional AMRs systems spend picking up and moving shelves: all shelves move and bring products to the pick stations, eliminating human error.

While goods-to-person AMRs require less human travel than manual order picking because the worker stays in one place while robots bring inventory, most AMR systems are constrained by the number of robots they have to transport dumb shelves. Auto Shelf system eliminates the wasted time of robots traveling, carrying, lifting and dropping: when a shelf is needed, the shelf drives itself to the destination.

“The Auto Shelf turns the warehouse robotics paradigm on its head by making every shelf a robot that has intelligence,” says Eric Rongley, CEO and founder of Prime Robotics. “Since every shelf can move and interact directly with workers, there’s never any wasted time waiting for the next shelf.”

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“While the first version of the Auto Shelf will be highly productive, the revolutionary design provides a platform that can be extended and take on capabilities no other warehouse robotics system can accomplish,” adds Rongley. Each Auto Shelf features lights directly integrated into shelf slots to provide pick-to-light functionality. The Auto Shelf Dispatch System adds another layer of intelligence by optimizing item/shelf locations, reducing the movements the robots need to perform and shortening the distance on the fastest moving items.

“The Auto Shelf will change how inventory is handled,” says Rongley.  “Prime Robotics has created a new robotics platform and patented all aspects of warehouse and other use cases. Large customers can deploy the system with confidence that not only do they have the most efficient warehouse robot system but that the intellectual property of the robot is clean.”


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