planetRE Announces New AI Search in CRM

planetRE, CRM, AI

planetRE, the nation’s leading enterprise cloud vendor for online real estate, has announced the launch of new AI-based Intelligent searches within its patented Socialite CRM.

New Search options allow users with large databases to quickly converge on finding a specific lead or lead groups, deploying contextual interpretation of search parameters.

It combines mixed search expressions. A simple zero-order manifestation would be interpreting 12345 as zip code and not a US phone number. With this new technique, customers can utilize multiple fields like phone number, zip codes etc into logical expressions, no duplication, converge with single iteration and contextual interpretation.

“I’ve been using CRMs in real estate for 15 years. I farm day in and day out over 11,000 homes. That is a lot of relationships.  I work both snail mailing and digital contacts.  I need a dead shot website and robust follow-up,” said Scott Williams, Top Real Estate Team operating under Berkshire Hathaway based in Santa Barbara, CA. “I need a database that has a deep searching capability like Socialite.  Most real estate CRMs look pretty and promise a lot but don’t give you much computing power.  I stay with Planet RE because nothing else is as powerful.”

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