PillarRx Consulting, LLC Hires Director of Data Delivery, Audrey Paukner

PillarRx Consulting_ LLC Hires Director of Data Delivery_ Audrey Paukner

Audrey brings 20 years of data analytics experience in the PBM and healthcare industries to PillarRx. In her role as Director of Data Delivery, Audrey will focus on designing and implementing a best-in-class reporting solution that delivers customer insights and enhanced analytical capabilities. She will use her analytics and health care experience to develop a data delivery strategy that ensures alignment between customer and business needs with the purpose of telling the story with the data.

“Aligning past PBM performance and anticipating how to mitigate rising healthcare costs is essential,” said Rob Cleek, Vice President of Information Technology at PillarRx. “Audrey’s reporting experience and pharmacy analytics background will benefit our customers by maximizing our customers’ pharmacy benefit plan spend. Audrey understands and has the experience to help build more real-time actionable reporting, as this is key to identifying the detailed pharmacy components that could drive trend in the future. In turn, this information can lead to creating more impactful cost-mitigation strategies and identifying proactive steps to help clients stay ahead of cost impacts.”

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Audrey’s talent for coding complex algorithms that identify data anomalies and trends, while presenting that data using simplified visualization techniques, will help reimagine PillarRx’s data delivery approach and provide actionable insight into our customers data.

With PillarRx’s significant growth, Audrey will be responsible for leading PillarRx’s data delivery team by mentoring and providing recommendations within customer project reports, including combined reporting between medical and pharmacy data. These reports offer actionable remediation and consulting services to eliminate wasteful practices without decreasing member satisfaction.

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