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PHC Corporation Officially Introduces New SaaS Product “digicare Analytics”

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PHC Corporation’s Medicom Division (hereinafter referred to as “PHC”) is pleased to announce the launch of “digicare,” which supports the automation of collection and aggregation of sales data at dispensing pharmacies. We are pleased to inform you that we have officially launched Digicare) Analytics (*1) . This product is a pharmacy management support tool that can manage sales information on the cloud.

[Development background]
Since pharmacy managers often have to go to each store to collect sales information and check it by phone or fax, there is an urgent need to improve operational efficiency through technology. I’m here.

In addition, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Pharmacy Vision for Patients” (*2) and revisions to dispensing fees in fiscal 2022 (*3) emphasize the evaluation of “interpersonal work”, and ” Emphasis is placed on the shift from “monzen pharmacies” to “family pharmacists and pharmacies” that provide health support for patients. Under these circumstances, PHC will improve the work processes of pharmacists and pharmacy managers through the provision of “digicare analytics” and help them secure time for interpersonal work, thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality of dispensing work.

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[Product Overview]
“digicare Analytics” automates the collection and aggregation of sales data at dispensing pharmacies, greatly reducing the manual work involved in daily aggregation operations. Since this product complies with NSIPS (*4) , it can be used even if the receipt computer you are using is not made by PHC. You can start using Furthermore, since data is saved in the cloud in real time, you can access the latest information from anywhere using your device. It also has a download function for aggregated data, so you can easily import it into the tools you are used to using.

・”Dashboard” function that allows you to check major management indicators in real time
Assumed cases
: “How much is today’s dispensing sales?”
“What is the sales growth rate compared to the past

・”Distributor analysis” function that focuses more on the frontline
Assumed cases
: “Which stores are contributing to sales?”
“Which stores have high and low prescription concentration rates?
” Are you progressing at the level

・”Inflow source analysis” function focusing on medical institutions
Assumed cases
: “Which medical institution/doctor is the patient coming from
“Is there a medical institution or doctor whose generic drug dispensing rate is too low?”

・“Patient analysis” function that focuses on patients
Assumed cases
: “What kind of people are the patients at your store (gender, age, type of insurance, etc.)
” To what extent, and from which areas do many patients come?”

[Introduction effects and future prospects]
Pharmacy managers who decided to implement the system in advance commented, “The time it takes to reduce materials can be greatly reduced,” and “It enables more detailed analysis than materials created with spreadsheet software.” , we can expect to improve the quality of discussions at pharmacy directors’ meetings.” With “digicare analytics,” we aim to further improve our products and provide added value based on accumulated data and real opinions from pharmacies.

Takayuki Otsuka, director and general manager of the Medicom Division at PHC Corporation, said, “The Business Transformation (BX) Center, which released ‘digicare analytics,’ was born in 2020 as a new service development organization for Medicom. Medicom has specialized in hybrid software development and has provided healthcare IT products mainly to many medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies.At the BX Center, aiming to further promote healthcare IT innovation, SaaS-type We will continue to expand our services, and will continue to strive to solve issues in the healthcare industry.”

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