Patchr, PCB Design and Manufacturing SaaS, Joins Capital Factory Accelerator


Startup Aims to Democratize Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing

Less than a month after announcing the integration of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing services into its cloud-based PCB design software, Patchr has joined the Capital Factory accelerator to help fuel user adoption, product enhancements, revenue growth and investments. Working with Capital Factory will give the company access to the competitive accelerator’s network of mentors and investors, co-working space, hosting credits and more.

Patchr is an Austin-based startup led by Chaotic Moon alum Eric Schneider, who received media attention for his creative pet projects ranging from a flame-throwing drone to “Tech Tats,” temporary tattoos that read biometric data. Schneider started Patchr as an extension of his passion for designing hardware with electrical components, which often requires the creation of custom PCBs.

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“PCB design is so often necessary for hardware projects, whether you’re prototyping the next mass-market IoT device or just trying to integrate LEDs into a costume,” Schneider explained. “I realized that there was no way for an average person to design and manufacture a PCB because it required taking electrical engineering classes and spending thousands of dollars a year on software. The idea for Patchr came out of the desire to enable hobbyists and career hardware designers alike to unleash their creativity through access to easy PCB design and affordable, high-quality manufacturing.”

Patchr’s software has been steadily adding to its user base since its March 2019 launch. Working with Capital Factory will help the company continue to grow adoption of both its software and manufacturing services.

“We’re excited to be working with to help them build a great company,” said Gordon Daugherty, president of Capital Factory. “The circuit board design industry is ripe for innovation and disruption, and this team is poised to do great things.”

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Last year, Patchr raised $1 million in funding, partly from an investment by Ecliptic Capital, a venture fund started by Chaotic Moon founders William “whurley” Hurley and Mike Erwin. The startup was able to quickly develop and launch its software and has begun earning revenue while still in the seed funding stage.

“We’re eager to work with Capital Factory because no one knows more about helping tech startups reach their audiences and jumpstart their success,” Schneider said. “We’re proud of all the progress we’ve made so far and look at this as a very important next step in our journey.”

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