Wednesday, October 4, 2023 launches AI-powered Cognitive Analytics for the Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

By ET Bureau - August 22, 2019 2 Mins Read, Microsoft Azure announces that it has moved its Cognitive Analytics Platform onto Microsoft Azure Marketplace to provide clients with knowledge mining capabilities far beyond those available in the market. Enterprise clients use Parabole’s platform to build knowledge mining and search solutions for their customers and employees based on latent information.  By moving to Microsoft Azure, Parabole will provide customers with the scalability and robust features of Azure, including the security, built-in indexing, and storage capabilities that are a prerequisite to delivering a truly enterprise-grade cognitive analytics service.  Microsoft Azure’s multitude of features will enhance Parabole’s lightweight training and classification models to train algorithms and tag documents based on user-defined custom categories.

“Integrating with Microsoft Azure is a significant step for Parabole as we deploy our Cognitive Analytics Platform to large enterprises. Existing enterprise search tools often neglect the massive volume of unstructured information present in myriads of repositories and in widely varying formats – emails, presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and images. Traditional enterprise search also fails to extract targeted information for contextual queries. With the power of Microsoft Azure fueling our platform, our offerings will save customer’s time and greatly increase efficiency with domain-specific relevant output for complex queries,” said Sandip Bhaumik, CTO/Founder of

“We are pleased that Parabole has launched its platform on Microsoft Azure.  Azure’s scalability and features will revolutionize Parabole’s client experience, resulting in more comprehensive and precise offerings,” said Lee Bressler, Director and US Capital Markets Lead at Microsoft.


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