Paessler launches PRTG Enterprise Monitor to meet large enterprise needs

Paessler, PRTG Enterprise
Paessler launches PRTG Enterprise Monitor to meet large enterprise needs

Paessler AG, the IT monitoring specialist, announces the launch of PRTG Enterprise Monitor for businesses that need to monitor large IT infrastructures with thousands of devices.

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With the new PRTG Enterprise Monitor, Paessler offers a subscription-based licensing model tailored to large IT environments. These are licensed only by the number of sensors that are deployed across as many servers and locations as required, starting at 30,000 sensors.

Every license includes the monitoring of network performance, infrastructure, applications, databases, storage, virtual environments as well as medical infrastructures, shop floors, or IoT setups. Failover functionality and unlimited polling engines are also included.

IT teams in large enterprise organizations, which are often responsible for multiple, locally distributed data centers, offices, subsidiaries, and stores, can establish a central overview of their entire infrastructure with one single solution without the need for additional modules or add-ons.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor includes the ITOps Board, powered by Martello Technologies, which enhances the PRTG setup with a service-oriented, central overview also across multiple PRTG servers. It significantly reduces alert noise and adds advanced analytics and overall SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring and reporting.

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In a detail that means:

  • Multi-server dashboards
    The ITOps Board displays data from one or multiple PRTG servers in central, easy to build real-time dashboards, based on services and according to the staff member’s role
  • Business service monitoring
    The ITOps Board gathers alerts and notifications from one or multiple PRTG servers and correlates them by business services, offering a service-oriented, central overview
  • Automated alert management
    Based on business services the ITOps Board filters and concentrates alerts, reducing and focusing alert noise to what really matters
  • SLA modeling and monitoring
    ITOps Board defines SLOs (Service Level Objectives) for each defined business service. Based on these SLO settings it calculates and displays SLA performance and availability. It sends warnings before an SLA is breached, giving IT teams time to react and rectify, thereby avoiding serious SLA violation

Beyond the ITOps Board and existing enterprise-focused features like sensors for NetApp, Cisco, or HPE devices, Paessler has already implemented new Nutanix sensors and added many other features to the PRTG Enterprise Monitor roadmap which fulfill the demands of IT teams for enterprise environments.

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