PacketFabric and Pureport Partner to Simplify Cloud Connectivity

Pureport, a Multicloud Networking Provider, and PacketFabric, the leading Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, announced a partnership to enable enterprises to access Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric platform via PacketFabric’s 150+ enabled data centers.

PacketFabric, Pureport, CloudPureport’s Multicloud Fabric™ platform seamlessly orchestrates private connectivity to the top public cloud providers within minutes, including multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-site networks. Using Pureport’s intuitive self-service console, enterprises can create cloud connectivity via the native private connectivity offerings of the cloud service providers, e.g., AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, and Google Cloud Interconnect.

Enterprises can now access the Pureport platform from more than 150 PacketFabric Points of Presence (PoP), in the United StatesEurope, and Asia-Pacific. Once an enterprise connects to a PacketFabric PoP, they ride the PacketFabric backbone to one of Pureport’s Core Cloud Gateways.

The partnership highlights the strengths of both organizations; PacketFabric’s comprehensive layer 2 network connects key facilities in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific via its programmable Software Defined Networking Platform (SDN) and Pureport’s SDN technologies add a layer 3 distributed multi-cloud routing engine that provides enterprises the ability to connect all of their sites, data centers and clouds in a routable mesh fabric.

Both Pureport and PacketFabric are committed to simplifying how enterprises connect their networks to the cloud. This partnership achieves that goal, eliminating the complexities, long timelines to deploy, high cost and high maintenance involved in connecting to the cloud. Additional benefits of Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric include:

  • No additional hardware needed. Built into the platform, Pureport’s Distributed Multicloud Router eliminates the need to purchase, replace, or install additional hardware or virtual appliances.
  • DevOps Ready:  Pureport exposes a REST API, allowing networks and connections to be managed as code.
  • IP address conflict resolution. Pureport’s Cloud Grade NAT functionality automates the detection and resolution of overlapping IP address ranges, so there’s no slowdown or conflict with the interconnection of networks.
  • No contracts. Pureport’s platform eliminates the need for a carrier and long-term contracts.
  • Flexible bandwidth control. The Multicloud Fabric platform is an on-demand service, which lets customers manage costs by scaling connectivity to suit their changing needs.

“Pureport is now the only provider that allows customers to mesh their public cloud, on-premises, and branch office networks in minutes by pairing our distributed multi-cloud router with the native offerings of the cloud service providers,” said Doug Mittendorf, Chief Technology Officer at Pureport. “We are delivering a solution that goes above and beyond cloud on-ramps and SD-WAN solutions.”