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Owl Labs Launches the Work from Home Scheduler, a Household Management App Designed to Make Working from Home Productive with Everyone Under One Roof

By ET Bureau - March 27, 2020 3 Mins Read

Owl Labs, Work from Home Scheduler, a Household Management App

Owl Labs, the leader in immersive video conferencing technology and services, announced the launch of the Work from Home Scheduler (WFH Scheduler), a free household resource management app for booking workspaces and scheduling responsibilities in the home so you can work productively with everyone under one roof. The spread of COVID-19 has forced the closure of schools, offices, daycares, and community spaces; and people are being encouraged to practice social distancing and self-isolation to the greatest extent possible. Globally, millions of people suddenly have to work from home, where they’re sharing limited space with their families, partners, children, roommates, and pets; making it difficult for them to focus and find a productive work/life balance.

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Owl Labs’ WFH Scheduler enables users to input their shared household spaces for meetings and work (home office, living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.) and their shared household responsibilities (childcare, pet care, cooking meals, chores, errands, etc.). Users can then “book” spaces within their home the same way they would reserve a conference room at the office, as well as sign up for household responsibilities the same way they would assign deliverables during a meeting. The app then shares these schedules on an easy-to-view calendar that provides transparency to everyone in their home on who is working where, what needs to get done when, and who is responsible for what.

Owl Labs recently conducted a survey on the challenges of working from home during the COVID-19 crisis to 500+ respondents in the U.S. ages 25-64. Key findings from the survey include:

  • When working from home
    • 80% of respondents have family members or roommates at home with them
    • 34% of respondents are also responsible for taking care of children
    • 38% of respondents say their work productivity has decreased since they’ve been WFH and balancing childcare/household responsibilities
    • Over 80% of respondents said they’re struggling to share space with family and roommates while working from home
  • When watching a child
    • Respondents taking care of children while WFH are 108% more likely to say their productivity has decreased than respondents who aren’t taking care of children
    • Respondents taking care of children while WFH are 150% more likely to say they’re having challenges sharing space than respondents who aren’t responsible for childcare

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“Owl Labs is constantly innovating new solutions to help people work more productively, no matter where they’re located,” said Frank Weishaupt, CEO at Owl Labs. “Offices have systems in place to improve productivity by reducing space management friction, and the WFH Scheduler is an app that creates a similar system for your home. Greater transparency  and understanding into what everyone in your home needs to do can help reduce tension and conflict with your family or roommates so you can respectfully share communal spaces and responsibilities and maintain productivity in these trying times.”


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