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Opmantek Expands IT Audit Capabilities With Open-AudIT Cloud

By ET Bureau - October 15, 2019 2 mins read

Opmantek Software, a leading provider of intelligent Network Management and Audit systems announced the release of Open-AudIT Cloud further expanding IT audit capabilities through a SaaS offering.

This new product builds upon Opmantek’s existing suite of cloud-ready tools designed to bring audit visibility to large size organizations where a SaaS solution meets their business requirements.

Open-AudIT Cloud provides an ‘all of network’ visibility while delivering insights to help internal audit teams and managers perform audits quickly without leaving their desks.

Opmantek CEO, Craig Nelson said the company’s strong history of listening to customers has made Open-AudIT a popular choice for IT Audit in today’s complex business networks. “All Opmantek Software has been developed based on our customers’ requirements. They best understand what they need to get the job done and we facilitate that by making our products fit their purpose. Having it now available in SaaS ensures a fast ROI and low TCO, makes it accessible to any customer.”

Opmantek CTO, Keith Sinclair, says that the software is perfect for businesses that prefer SaaS. “Customers get all the excellent benefits of the Enterprise Open-AudIT such as: configuring device location maps, knowing your licenses, matching the organizational structure within the product, creating and monitoring for changes to baselines and the ability to schedule pretty much anything including reports, in just a few clicks. The tool is powerful and versatile. It is extremely scalable and is ideal for keeping tabs on branch networks and keeping an eye out for Shadow IT.”


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